Welcome to CHOOSE LIFE Church | Service Times: Sun 08:00am & 10:00am | Tel: 0861 CHOOSE (246673) | Email: info@chooselifechurch.com

Welcome to CHOOSE LIFE Church Live Video Streaming. 

This service is available during our Sunday services, 8am and 10am. 
We are so glad you can be part of our church service via Live Streaming. We hope you will enjoy the service.

We would love to hear where you are streaming from?
If you have any technical issues, please email: live@chooselifechurch.com

Please ensure that your speakers are plugged in, turned on and your volume is up.
Alternatively, you can try a different internet browser.

FOR CHROME USERS:                                                                                             

Step 1: Click on the 3 dots in the top right of your Chrome                    
Step 2: Go to settings and the “show advanced setting” at the bottom    
Step 3: Click Content Setting under Privacy                                          
Step 4: Then under flash make sure “Allow sites to run flash” is selected (Newer versions: "Ask First" is turned on).
Step 5: Under "Allow" Click Add, then copy and paste the following into the box provided.

Copy this:  [*.]chooselifechurch.com

For a step-by-step instruction with pictures, click here

 Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more

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