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Dear Leader,

Please find below the Life Group Guideline for this week.

Life Group Guideline

Topic – The Prodigal Father

Opening Prayer



What is/was your favourite quality of your earthly father?

Scripture Reading:

Luke 15:11-31


The title of the Prodigal Father may sound like a mistake. The word prodigal means reckless and excessive.

Son was reckless in his living and squandered his wealth, hence the focus on the prodigal son.
The Father was reckless in his love and lavished grace on his son. The focus of this parable is actually a picture of our loving, giving, forgiving, excessive Heavenly Father.

 The father in the parable is wealthy and generous, he lacked nothing.
 The father released his son, but never stopped loving his son.
 The father longed for his son and watched out for his return.
 The father ran to his son, not worrying about being undignified.
 The father embraced his son and kissed him.
 The father restored his son by giving him a robe and a ring
 The father rejoiced over his son by throwing a celebration feast.

Discussion Points:

1. Which of the father's extravagant gestures stands out for you?

2. Discuss the following point, 'Loving is a risky business as it involves giving someone free will. We can't force someone to love us back.'

3. Discuss the consequences of sin, 'Sin will take you further than you want to go, keep you longer than you want to stay, and it will cost you more than you want to pay.'

4. Read Romans 2:4b and discuss how the goodness of God leads us to repentance. Reflect on how the son finally came to his senses and remembered the goodness of his father (how even the hired servants in his father's house had plenty to eat).

5. As parents we need to reflect the character of our Heavenly Father in the way we deal with our children. Think about the qualities of Father God in this parable, His love, compassion, longing, patient waiting, mercy, rejoicing – which of these qualities do you need to show more of towards your children.

Prayer time:

Encourage the group to break into pairs. Guys with guys and ladies with ladies. Share your prayer requests regarding your children with one another and pray for each other's children. Also pray for each other in your role as parents.

Close in prayer


Bruce Taylor


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