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Dear Leader,

Below please find the Life Group guideline for this week.



Scripture Reading:
ROMANS 4 vs.18-20


• It all started off in Genesis 12 where the Lord instructs Abraham to leave his home and go to a land that God would show him.
• The Lord then gives Abraham a promise that from him will arise a great nation, a promise that would greatly bless all humanity.
• Abraham is by this time an old man and his wife is an old lady and they have no children. The facts looked impossible.
• Abraham obeys God's instruction and gathers up all his belongings and starts to go in the direction God has told him to go.

Here are 7 ways you can build up your Faith;

1) OBEDIENCE! Genesis 12 vs. 1 + 4
Obedience is always a great key to the blessing God has in store for us.

2) NO MATTER WHAT – BELIEVE GOD! Romans 4 vs. 19
How often when we face a hopeless situation do we simply loose hope ourselves?

3) DEAL WITH DOUBT! Romans 4 vs. 19 + 20
Doubt your doubts!

4) NEVER WRITE ANYTHING OFF! Romans 4 vs. 19
Abraham did not write off what God said, although it looked impossible.

5) STRENGTHEN YOUR FAITH! Romans 4 vs. 20

6) PRAISE! (An essential ingredient) Romans 4 vs. 20
Praise God for the victory until it comes. It will come!

7) BECOME FULLY PERSUADED! Romans 4 vs. 20
Be fully convinced that God's will for your life will come to pass!

AN EXAMPLE FROM THE LIFE OF JOSEPH. Genesis 50 vs. 24 + 25


Discuss the 7 points above within the group, that really stand out for them.
What situations look impossible, but through faith in God can be made possible?


Pray for those who would like to follow in the example of Abraham. Pray for those who are struggling to build their faith!

God Bless you as you see your own Faith grow! Amen

Be Encouraged! Your Faith is being built day by day!

Pastor Gregory Shipley

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