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LifeGroup bannerAt CHOOSE LIFE Church We Believe in Life Groups

Most CHOOSE LIFE Members meet in small groups, once a week, for a time of fellowship, encouragement, Worship and discussing God’s Word, depending on each individual group.

The groups typically meet in one of the member’s home on Wednesdays at 19:00 for 19:30. Some groups however meet at different times or at different venues.

The reasons for meeting in groups compose of the following:
1. Find encouragement from fellow believers.
2. Build healthy friendships.
3. Find spiritual support.
4. Promote the church as the family of God.

CHOOSE LIFE believes that a key to the success of Life Groups is the Holy Spirit, CHOOSE LIFE believes that Life Groups should not only be a place of fellowship, but also a place where the power of the Holy Spirit is evident and at work.

Please feel free to visit or join any of our Life Groups, our Life Group leaders will welcome you warmly and who knows, it just might change your LIFE!

For a complete list of all our Life Groups, click here.

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