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Real Men is a CHOOSE LIFE ministry to equip & motivate men to fulfil their God-given destiny & purpose.

Real Men Ministry Vision:

1. Be a true representation of the Father's love as Priests of our own homes, by being godly fathers, husbands, brothers & sons.
2. Present a Godly alternative to the world and Satan's lies regarding masculinity; being Real Men! Godly Men.
3. Equip men to effectively deal with snares, lies & temptations & put into action a plan together to conquer;
4. Motivate men to start fulfilling their God given destiny or purpose, by obeying God today & everyday;
5. Support and continuously encourage men in living out their God given purpose. Stand together, not alone.

We minister to men in the following ways:

1. Men's Monthly Powa-2-Hour Meeting
2. Camps/Conference
3. Weekly Prayer meeting






Powa-2-Hour Men's Meeting

1st Sat of the month

07:00 - 09:00

CHOOSE LIFE Church - Baobab

Men's Prayer Meeting


06:00 - 07:00

CHOOSE LIFE Church - Chapel

For more information contact Pastor Gregory Shipley at gregory@chooselifechurch.com or Annette Muller at annette@chooselifechurch.com or call 0861 246673

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