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We look forward to having a good friend and teacher back at our pulpit,
22 September 2019
During both Services, 8am and 10am

Born and raised in South Africa, Ed Traut received Jesus as his Savior at thirteen years of age. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in a dynamic church where the gifts were embraced, giving rise to the prophetic gift in which he now flows. 

In obedience to the Lord, Ed moved his family to San Antonio, Texas in 1998 where he founded Prophetic Life Ministry. Ed is known for the accuracy and consistency with which the Lord leads him to impart life-changing personal and corporate prophecies. This, combined with a strong word based ministry and unique and lively teaching makes Ed, his books, and teaching materials widely popular both in the U.S. and abroad. His pastoring experience causes Ed to be very local church oriented both in conviction and ministry, thus making a focal point of his ministry, promoting and strengthening the local church.

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