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Helping business people to conduct their finances and businesses God’s way


We dream of business people

  1. Acknowledging that ownership of their lives and businesses belongs to God.
  2. Applying Biblical business and financial principles found in God’s Word.
  3. Prayerfully making all business/financial decisions and planning.
  4. Supporting and encouraging one another through prayer and other means.
  5. Walking in integrity and truth, accountable to God and others.
  6. Functioning from a position of servant-based leadership.
  7. Delivering products and service with excellence.
  8. Honouring their creditors.
  9. Treating their customers fairly.
  10. Effectively managing employees and staff.

By faith, we live the dream.

Important dates for the Business Support Ministry:

Business by the Book course 2020.

Start date – Tuesday 18 February 2020 at 1900 at Choose Life Church for 6 weeks .
Cost R250 per person
Email: annette@chooselifechurch.com

Business Support Prayer Meetings for 2020.

23 January 
20 Feb 
19 March 
23 April 
21 May 
18 June 
23 July 
20 Aug 
17 Sept 
22 Oct 
19 Nov


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