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Dear Leader

This past Sunday's Church services were extra special as we celebrated Aunty Pal's 80th birthday, honoured God for the His grace upon her 65 years of worship ministry, and listened to an important sermon on Building a blessed heritage for your offspring. May this week's LG meetings be Spirit filled and blessed in every way.

Welcome and Opening Prayer


Have a discussion in your group on how Aunty Pal has set an example of living for the Lord. Then ask each member to mention which of the following 4 qualities are inspirational for them:
- Her ability to transition
- Her love for the precious Holy Spirit
- Her sensitivity to true worship
- Her heart to usher in God's presence


Theme – Building a blessed heritage for your offspring

There are 3 broad categories of people:
- Those who received a blessed heritage from their forefathers. A Christian upbringing with parents who love and serve the Lord.
- Those who received an average heritage. Raised with good morals and stable home, but parents not necessarily Christians.
- A challenging heritage. Serious problems in the family, with parents not open to the Lord.

Discussion 1: What kind of heritage have you received in life? Encourage members to share for a few minutes on their background and story.

1. The way in which you live can generate blessings for your children.
Read Psalm 112:1-6

We are encourage through God's Word:
- To fear the Lord
- To delight greatly in His commandments
- To walk uprightly

And the promise from the Lord is that:
- Our descendants will be mighty on the earth
- The generation of the upright will be blessed.
- Wealth and riches will be in our homes.
- Light will arise in the darkness for those who are upright.

Reflect on the testimony Pastor John shared about His grandfather Rueben Roebert. He was born into poverty. His father was an alcoholic. He was one of 7 siblings. None of them served the Lord. But he was converted in his twenties and the Lord blessed him greatly. He was involved in construction and built many homes and churches. And his children and grandchildren all serve the Lord.

Discussion 2: Share testimonies of people in your life / family who started with a challenging heritage but ended with a blessed heritage?

2. You can build a brand new, blessed heritage

Read Proverbs 13:22 in the NKJV and CEV

Don't be discouraged if you have received a troubled heritage, because you have an amazing inheritance in Christ Jesus. There is hope if you have had a challenging heritage. For whoever is born of God overcomes the world. Reinhard Bonke said 'God wants to take you from a minus to a plus.'

Heritage is about favour, blessing, a good name, and material provision. We need to have a vision for a blessed heritage that we can hand down to our children.

Discussion 3. If you picture your Family tree in the future. What would you like family members in the future to say about you?

3. A glorious inheritance
Read Ephesians 1:18 and Colossians 1:12

Discussion 4: What stands out for you from these verses?

Prayer time

Break into groups of 3 and pray into this aspect of building a blessed heritage for your offspring. Pray for each other and for each other's children.
Pray for specific needs.

Kind regards

Bruce Taylor
Pastoral Support - Life Groups

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