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Dear Leader

What a blessing it was to fast and pray together as a Church family last week. Before you start your LG meeting this week, allow time for people to share their experience and anything the Lord spoke to them about during this time.  Fasting is a very significant spiritual discipline.  Chat briefly about how you could make it a more regular part of your life. 

Welcome and Opening Prayer


Select a few songs and allow time for some soaking worship.  Trust for the Lord to prepare your LG members hearts for His Word. 

Introduction and Icebreaker

For those of you who weren’t at church on Sunday, Andrew Roebert preached the Word.  This is the first time he has preached since his wife Vanessa went to be with the Lord 9 months ago.  He was very real about the pain and grief he has been through, yet so grateful to the Lord for sustaining him and his daughters.

Share a time where you have experienced God’s love and faithfulness in the midst of a valley?

Read Psalm 36:5

Theme: Lessons from a great love story

Scripture Readings

John 3:16
Genesis 29:14-30 (LB)

Ask Life Group Members to share what stood out for them from the story and from Andrew’s sermon on Sunday. 

1. All good things in life are worth the wait and the work.

We live in an instant world.  Many people don’t like to wait or to work.  Yet studies, jobs, marriage, and many other things involve both waiting and working. Sometimes if we get things too quickly, too early, and without working for them we don't fully appreciate them and can take them for granted.

Discussion 1: What are your thoughts on the importance of waiting and working?

2. You will reap what you have sown, so sow well.

Jacob and his mother had once sown deception against Isaac to get Esau's blessing. And here we see Laban and Leah conspire against Jacob in the same way. Jacob sowed deception and reaped deception.
How we need wisdom from the Lord in how we live.

Discussion 2: Ask each person to share 3 things that if sown consistently, will reap a crop worth harvesting?

3. Not everything goes according to plan

Often we have a picture in our head of how things should work. Yet sometimes life turns out differently to what we expected.  And even though life isn’t always fair, God is always good.  

4. The good and the bad are part of life.

Life is not just made out of good things, the good and the bad are all part of the rich fabric of life. We are not in control. God is sovereign and He sees things in the light of eternity.
Rachel eventually had a son, Joseph, and then another son Benjamin.  Yet But she dies in childbirth.

Discussion 3: After point 3 and 4, discuss the importance of living one day at a time, making the best of what each day presents, and embracing the season you are in?

5. Lessons from this great love story

As we trust in God He will bring about something beautiful in its time.
Romans 8:28 - God works all things together for our good.
Jacob and Rachel's son Joseph was God ordained for the salvation of his family, nation, and the then known world.
And Leah wasn't forgotten. Even though she had the wrong motives and was party to deception. From the lineage of Leah's son Judah comes Jesus, the Saviour of the world.
We may look at our situation, our family, our children and see things that need to change. But we can know that God has a plan.

Discussion 4: Discuss how God works in all things and can bring glory from all things?

Prayer Needs

Allow for LG members to share prayer needs and minister to one another.


Read Philippians l 1:6 and pray this verse over your Life Group.


Bruce Taylor
Pastoral Support - Life Groups

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