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Dear Leader

If you are having your final meeting for the year this week or next week, I trust that it will be blessed beyond measure!

Firstly, I would like to give God all the glory for every good thing that has taken place in our Life Groups this year. Lord, we are grateful for your goodness and grace and power!

Secondly, I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for leading your group this year. It takes time and effort to prepare for and to facilitate a Spirit filled Life Group. Thank you for spending time in the Word, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and for loving your LG members. And thank you for all the prayers offered up in faith, as you have interceded for healing and breakthrough in people's lives.

I pray that the Lord will refresh you during the holidays, and that you and your family will experience His protection, provision and blessing in every way!


Coffee/Tea and time of sharing.
Icebreaker: What are your holiday plans? What book of the Bible are you planning on reading/studying during the holidays (P.S. This second question is important. Time in the Word is soul restoring! I plan on reading the book of Acts, and have purchased a Kay Arthur Bible study on Acts to help me go deeper).


Opening prayer and time of worship

Try select some of the songs that have been a great blessing to your group this year.

Discipleship Theme: Prayer

Discussion 1: Page through the book of James, and then share with the group one or two things that have impacted you as we have studied this series

Discussion 2: Read James 5:13-20. Reference to prayer is made 7 times in this short passage. We are encouraged to pray about everything. Our theme for 2019 is 'Lord teach us to pray'. What stood out for you from this passage? How has your prayer life deepened during the year?

Discussion 3: Mention the example of Elijah. In James 5:17-18 (AMP) Elijah was a man with a nature like ours [With the same physical, mental and spiritual limitations and shortcomings]. Very often we put Biblical characters on pedestals. But we too can do great things for God. We can earnestly pray and see miracles because God can respond to our prayers just like He did for Elijah. We actually have an advantage as we have been given the Holy Spirit. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous person avails much.

Do you have a testimony about answered prayer that you would like to share with the group?

Discussion 4. Jesus has such a heart for the Prodigals. Jesus leaving the 99 to find the 1 seems crazy until you are that one. Have you ever helped someone who has drifted from the Lord to come back to God?


Pray for one another as the Holy Spirit leads


Write down the names of people you know you are not walking close to the Lord as they once did? Commit to praying for them. And then reach out to them in some way. A phone call, a visit, or an invitation to Church.

Kind regards

Bruce Taylor
Pastoral Support - Life Groups

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