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Theme: The ultimate goal in serving is that the rest of the world may look upon the work of God in us so that in a dark and depraved world His working in us may shine like stars in the universe.
Theme Scripture: Philippians 2:12-16a
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.What does it mean to ‘Work out your salvation with fear and trembling?’  v 12-13
-      How important is it that we focus our attention on Jesus when we do this and why?
-      What do you think is the link between working out our salvation and God working in us?
2.Why is complaining and arguing so hindering to the work God wants to do in us? v14-16a
-      What effect does complaining and arguing have on the unity of the church and the impact it has on the world today?
-      What results are seen when the world sees a unified church, blameless and pure, children of God without fault?
3.Are you a shining light for the rest of the world?
-      Can you share any testimonies of how you can see God working through you to impact the people’s lives who rub shoulders with you?
Ministry Time
Lord we pray that we will be faithful ambassadors of the kingdom. We pray that your name will be exalted and lifted high as we surrender ourselves to your working in us. Holy Spirit highlight every opportunity we have to minister the love of Jesus to a lost world seeking for answers to life’s many challenges. We realize that their only hope can be found in relationship with you. Amen!
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