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Theme: To become more like Jesus, in every way, is what we should have as our personal mission statement. Our credentials, our works, our giving counts for nothing if it does not come from an understanding that we can do nothing to achieve salvation in our own efforts. It is by His grace that we are saved and it is freely available to those who accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. What we do as believers is a result of faith, not a prerequisite of faith.
Theme Scripture: Philippians 3:1-10
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.What do you think it is that makes man believe they can achieve salvation through works?
-      How can we keep a check on ourselves from falling into this trap?
2.Tell the LG what these words mean to you, “I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord”?
3.Is there anything on your heart that you know you should give up in order to know Jesus?(a busy schedule so you can spend a few moments with Him and His Word, a friends approval, some of your plans)
-      Please feel at liberty to share what is on your heart with the group!
-      How can we stand by you as a group as you press on to knowing Jesus?
Ministry Time
Lord forgive us if we have put the works of the Lord ahead of the Lord of the works. We decide today to put getting to know you as our only priority. We realize that in doing so the work we do for you will not come at the expense of our relationship with you which is most precious. Holy Spirit lead us in making this our daily reality. Amen!
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