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Theme: It is so easy to be tossed around by life’s successes, failures, when we have much or when we have little. There is however a contentment available to all of us as believers as we forever fix our eyes only on Jesus. This inner peace we have available to us is rooted in the knowledge that our God is WITH us no matter life’s circumstance.
Theme Scripture: Philippians 4:4-13
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.Paul wrote these words from prison and you would think he has every right to be miserable yet he has contentment due to the knowledge that Jesus was with him. Do you today share the same perspective as Paul?
-      Share with us how you cope inwardly with what life throws at you?
-      If you can link it with a testimony please share it with us.
-      What does the “peace of God which transcends all understanding mean to you”?
2.Verse 8 tells us what to focus our attention on. How do you do this in practice from day to day?
3.Verse 10-14 shares with us the contentment Paul had in life. Can you say that you have the same contentment that he had?
-      Can you say that you have detached yourself from the nonessentials so you can concentrate on the eternal?
-      Share with us what your perspective is, your priorities and source of power?
Ministry Time
Pray for those who feel they do not go through life with the inner peace spoken about in this scripture. Pray that God will give them His perspective, His priorities and that He will become their source of power. 
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