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Theme: We have such a great opportunity to love the nations of the world during the soccer world cup. As a nation we also desperately need the Lord to do a work amongst the different cultures to unite us as a nation. The bible says that we can also play our part in this regard simply by loving one another.
Theme Scripture: Galatians 5: 13-15
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.What practical actions of ‘serving one another in love’ can we do as individuals, as a Life Group, as a church?
2.What effect do you believe these actions will have on the individuals, our community, our nation and the nations of the world that we come into contact with?
3.Make one commitment as individuals or as a Life Group together to a task, during the break, of serving others in love. Make a note of this to be shared as a testimony at the first Life Group meeting of the new term.
Ministry Time
Pray that God would through the Holy Spirit continually remind us that all the law can be summed up in one single command: ‘Love thy neighbor as yourself’ 
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