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Life Group Guideline! 
Ice Breaker 
How do you recharge your battery?
Where do you need to go or what do you need to do in order to recharge your battery?
The Believers Authority Guideline
Topic: Under Authority
When we understand authority as the Bible sets it forth, we will rise to a new level of faith!
Theme scripture: Matthew 8:5-10 (Emphasis v9)
The centurion who asked Jesus to heal his servant clearly understood authority. The same way that he commanded soldiers under his charge, he knew Jesus could control diseases.
  1. What does this portion of scripture tell us about authority?
  2. Why was the centurion’s understanding of authority ascribed to him as "great faith"v10?
  3. Why is it important as believers that we understand the authority we have as God's children?
  4. How will an understanding of the authority we have as believers set us free from the circumstances of life?
To define (summarise) authority from a biblical perspective:
The Godassigned right to control, command, or direct others within the context of God’s defined realm or assigned jurisdiction, and according to God’s revealed will, for the benefit of those led.
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