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Life Group Guideline! 
Ice Breaker 
Life Mentors 
Identify the mentors who have discipled you at some point in your life. What did each mentor contribute toward your spiritual growth? What was it about these mentors that spurred you on: Their living example? The strength of their faith? The advice they gave you? The encouragement they provided? Their teaching about or interpretation of the faith? 
Draw near to Me! 
God has a deep desire to engage with us, His people. His desire all along has been that we have meaningful relationship with Him. God is faithful as we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us (Hebrews 10:22; James 4:8). God knows the plans (thoughts) He has towards us, they are good plans, they are plans that grow us, plans that move us forward, plans that keep us close to Him! (Read Psalm 139:1-18).
¨       What are your thoughts to the words of the following song "You are here, You are near me, calling me to trust in You!"?
¨       and Psalm 42:1 "As a deer panteth for the water brooks. So pants my soul for You, O God"
Ministry Time
Are you feeling distant from God? Are you in a place where you find yourself relying more on your own strength? Is your soul thirsty? Let’s pray together and believe for God through the working of His Holy Spirit to do a work amongst us!
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