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Dear Leader,

Please find the guideline below:

BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD! - Pastor Ed Roebert (May 1991) 

Read Psalm 46:10

1.  If the statement “BE STILL” means “be still, cease to strive, relax and let go, “then we surely need to approach our quiet times in a different way. Discuss the above.

2.  Take a look at the following verses and share with each other what they mean to you:

2.1       Stand still and let God become your victory! – Exodus 14:13

2.2       Quietness and confidence brings strength into our lives! – Isaiah 30:15

2.3       A quiet spirit is of great value in God’s sight! – 1 Peter 3:4.

3.  As a group, draw up a step by step guideline on how to become still before the Lord.

4.  Put into practice the guideline you drew up in point 3 above and major on two things as you wait on the Lord together.  Encourage your group to LISTEN to the voice of the Lord and to LOOK for the visions and pictures the Lord has for them. Let the folks share what they have heard and seen.

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson

Guideline Co-ordinator

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