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Dear Leader,


(Read Psalm 24) –

Pastor Ed Roebert (September 1991)

“GOD IS KING – He is supreme over all! He owns the world; He owns us!” Discuss the implications of this for the Christian, the unconverted and for the over-emphasis on materialism that we all face.

What does it mean “to ascend into the hill of the Lord” or “to stand in His holy place”? THEN discuss the FOUR requirements listed in v4 and the TEN or ELEVEN requirements listed in Psalm 15.

“This is the generation (description) of those who seek Him, who inquire of and for Him, and (of necessity) require Him, who seek Your face, (O God of Jacob. Selah (pause and think of that)! (Psalm 24:6 – Amplified Bible) Would you say that v6 is a good description of COMMUNION with God? Why?

Wherever we let Jesus come in as the King, there He establishes His kingdom. What areas in our lives and in life in general do we need to submit to His kingship? Name specific areas.

Pray together as a group, in a circle, holding hands, and let Him be KING of your cell.

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson

Guideline Co-ordinator

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