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KNOWING GOD (Pastor Ed Roebert - March 1991)

Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice”. What a privilege it is for us His children, to be able to hear Him speak to us personally. What is also important is that we record what He says to us, so as not to forget what He says. 

Journaling or recording what He says to us, enables us to look back on what God has said to us over the years, and to keep a record of questions prayers and answers that we have received from God.

1.                 Is journaling a biblical concept?

          Exodus 24:4, 12; Deuteronomy 11:18-20; Jeremiah 30:1,2; Habakkuk 2:2.

2.       Suggestions to help you with journaling.

2.1     The first thing you’ll need is a special note-book to write down your conversations with God. (Ask some of your members to bring their note-books to the Life Group to show the others. Give them time to share the blessing that it has been to them.)

2.2     Become still before God – possibly the early morning is the best time. Focus on Him, perhaps meditate on a scripture. Psalm 46:10.

2.3     Ask God to speak to you and believe that He will. Begin to write down the thoughts that come to you and keep on writing. This is an ideal opportunity to let God tell you how much He loves you and how special you are to Him. 

2.4     In journaling you can ask God specific questions and write them down. Skip a line in your journal when you move from your question to God’s answer.

2.5     Remember that you can make mistakes, so have a humble teachable spirit.

2.6     Expect the gifts of the Spirit to flow through you as you journal. What gifts can you expect to flow through you? 1 Corinthians 12:7-10.

2.7     It is advisable not to ask God for dates. He may simply say “soon”.

3.       Warnings about journaling

3.1     Beware of legalism – although it is a biblical concept, we are not commanded to do it.

3.2     Your journal does not equal the Bible.

3.3     It is not automatic writing – that belongs to the occult.

3.4     If your journaling experience is destructive, you are contacting the wrong spirits – seek help from a counsellor.

4.       The Bible tells us that God is still writing today? What is He writing? Hebrews 8:10.

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson

Guideline Co-ordinator

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