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FRIENDSHIP THROUGH ABIDING - Pastor Ed Roebert (November 1991)

Read John 15:1-17 

  •          Jesus calls us FRIENDS in verse 15! To what extent can we establish a friendship with Jesus? How deep a friendship can it be? WHAT can we do to develop and deepen this friendship? (Give some practical guidelines).
  •          Circle the occurrences of the word ABIDE in this section of Scripture. What parallels are there between a vine and its branches AND between us and the Lord in terms of communion?
  •          What are the results of FAILING to abide (of note developing fellowship with Jesus? (v2, v4, v5c and v6. What are the results of SUCCESSFULLY ABIDING? v 2b, v5, v7, v16.
  •          “True love for God results in love for one another!” Discuss this statement in the light of verses 9-14.
  •          End the meeting by rejoicing over verse 16.

A special thank you to each of you for your time, generosity, care and love.  May you have a wonderful holiday, and may the Lord refresh and strengthen you for the year ahead.  God bless. 


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