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Life Group Guideline!


Key Scripture Verse: Luke 4:16-21

Session 2: What is this anointing?

There is no doubt from our session 1 discussion that we walk in the same anointing of Jesus - Recap by reading 1 John 2:27.

So what is this anointing? Is it goose-bumps? Is it a funny sensation? NOT AT ALL. It simply has to do with God placing the oil of His Spirit upon you.

• The word anoint means to smear or to daub;
• You and I have been smeared or daubed with the Holy Spirit. God's presence has been smeared upon us!!
• The anointing is: God's presence and power operating through our lives to accomplish His purpose.
• If you were God and you commissioned your people to change the world wouldn't you give them some special ability(Anointing) to make it happen? Why?
• What is (or was) your understanding of the anointing prior to this teaching? (Leaders note to guide discussion: Did you maybe see the anointing as far or abstract. Maybe you saw (see) the anointing as 'reserved' for church leadership and not personal for you)?
• Taking the definition of anointing and applying it to your life. What anointing (Ability) has Father given you to accomplish His purpose in you?

For session 3 we are going to look at the topic: What is the purpose of the anointing? I challenge you to read, and even memorise Luke 4:18, for next weeks discussion.

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator

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