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Life Group Guideline!


Key Scripture Verse: Luke 4:16-21

Session 3: What is the purpose of the anointing?

We learn the purpose of the anointing from Luke 4:18-19.

• to preach the gospel to the poor - (You have a message that the world needs to hear)
• to heal the brokenhearted - (He wants to restore those who have been shattered by sin or life itself)
• to proclaim liberty to the captives - (He wants those held captive by strongholds to be released)
• recovery of sight to the blind - (God wants to remove the scales so that you can see clearly)
• to set at liberty those who are oppressed - (The Lord wants the downtrodden to be freed from their oppressors)
• to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord - (He is ready to give blessings to all who come to Him)

I would like to propose to you that there are two stages to the anointing. Firstly, to let the Spirit of the Lord minister the purpose of the anointing in our own lives - TO HEAL US! and Secondly, to allow the Spirit of the Lord to minister the purpose of the anointing through us - TO HEAL OTHERS!

The amazing aspect in all of this is we do not have to wait for the completion of one stage to fulfil the other - HE USES US ALONG THE WAY!

• How has the Spirit of the Lord ministered the purpose of the anointing in your life? Share your testimony as it relates to Luke 4:18-19
• How has the Spirit of the Lord used you to minister Luke 4:18-19 to others?
• There is a real sense that there needs to be a greater activation of the anointing among us!!! It's time for increase! What role do you see yourself playing as the Spirit of the Lord activates the anointing in a greater way in your life?

I would like to close by stating that: The real measure of KINGDOM IMPACT is the healing of broken lives. That is the ultimately the result (the fruit) of living an anointed life.

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator


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