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Living According To The Spirit

Romans 8:1-18

The realisation that that there are two realms one of the flesh and one of the Spirit will cause Romans 8 to come alive in meaning. It will lead us to understand that the realm of the flesh will drive us to activity (A driven life) and the realm of the Spirit leads us to the realm of His kingdom (A called life). Certain conditions prevail in each of these realms and the choice of which realm we operate in will come through and dominate. Each realm produces its own results and effects us positively or negatively in the end.

God is calling us to a higher purpose. God is calling us to live in the realm of the Spirit. God wants us to make the choice to be dominated by the realm of the Spirit and bear all the positive fruit that comes with living in the Spirit!!

• How do we live a life in the Spirit when the realm of the flesh is so strong, so prevalent and a constant bully to live its way? (Leaders note: It's as simple as answering the question – Does the Spirit live in you? Victory over the realm of the flesh is by the Spirit. Romans 8:9-11)
• What is the result of trying to make life in the flesh and life in the Spirit cohabit? Romans 8:5-8 & 12-13
• What is the reward of living a life in the Spirit? Romans 8:14-17

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator

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