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Dear Leader,

LIVING LIFE AS A JOINT HEIR WITH JESUS - Pastor Ed Roebert (November 1991)

• Share with each other what you would do if you came in for an inheritance of five million rand cash!
• Carefully read Romans 8:12-17 and then discuss what it means to be A JOINT HEIR WITH CHRIST!
• To enter into our inheritance we need to learn to be LED BY THE SPIRIT. Note verse 14 and discuss;
• How to be led by the Spirit and
• What progress have we made as a church in this regard;
• Carefully read verse 17 and then begin to list the things that are included in our joint inheritance in Christ;
• What would you say is the difference between ENTERING the Kingdom of God and INHERITING the Kingdom?

Kind Regards

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator

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