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Dear Leader,

Kingdom Influence - As Seen In The Early Church

Ask the group to share some testimonies of opportunities they have had to witness to others? How did the Holy Spirit help them to be effective in witnessing?

Acts 1:3-9

There's a great deal that we can learn from the Early Church. They were tremendously effective in impacting their world and spreading the Gospel.

I believe today's church needs to rediscover the secrets of the Early Church in order to become more effective in our world.

1. When Jesus revealed Himself to the disciples after His resurrection He was focused. He was a man on a mission. Acts 1:3 indicates that His focus was the establishment of the Kingdom. He could of spoken about so many things yet the Kingdom was on His heart. Why do you believe the Kingdom was His priority? What do you think He was saying about the Kingdom? By promoting the Kingdom how was Jesus promoting God's name and renown?
2. Sending the Holy Spirit was a "game changer" Acts 2:1-4. You see the power of the Holy Spirit is the single biggest enabler to seeing Kingdom influence. How did the coming of the Holy Spirit transform the spreading of the gospel and Kingdom influence? How did the equipping of a human vessel with the Holy Spirit make the operational power of God more widely known?
3. The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to be sent as witnesses (influencers for the Kingdom) into all the world. Why is it that we can only be effective witnesses with the Holy Spirit's power?
4. How can our Life Group take the power of the Holy Spirit and use it to influence our community for the expansion of the Kingdom?

Break into groups of 3 and spend some time praying for each other to be filled afresh by the Holy Spirit and for opportunities to witness to others.

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator

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