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Dear Leader,


Kingdom Influence - Pursuing The Kingdom



Matthew 6: 31-34



Worry and fear is part of the human dynamic. Jesus understood this dynamic. He knew that worry and fear undermines our faith, is uncalled for, unproductive and against the character of a child of God. 


Jesus provides us with a plan, a BUT(v33), that rescues us from the negative emotion of worry and fear and replaces it with a strategy that culminates in a PROMISE that He WILL take care of us.



1.     Why do we let worry and fear consume us? 

2.     Why do you believe Jesus dealt so harshly with the aspect of worry and fear by comparing it to what the pagans do?

3.     Jesus requires of us to redirect the emotion of worry and fear into the BUSINESS of the Kingdom - John 15:15

4.     HOW v33 (1) SEEK you first the Kingdom of God. Discuss practical aspects of how we can seek the Kingdom of God. (2) Seek you FIRST the Kingdom of God. How do we make all other aspects of life second place and the Kingdom of God FIRST place? (3) Seek YOU first the Kingdom of God. How do we make pursuing the Kingdom a personal mission?

5.     The PROMISE - Seek the Kingdom above all else, live righteously and all “these things” (v31-32) that you worry and fear for will be ADDED to you!


Prayer Time

The reality is that when worry and fear grips a person they may struggle to see the wood from the trees. Let’s stand by them and pray with them that they would have a revelation of pursuing the Kingdom above all else. That God would rescue them from worry and fear and replace it with the confidence that they have in Him to seek first the Kingdom. Amen


Byron Donaldson

Guideline Co-ordinator

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