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Dear Leader,



Praise and Worship:

Opening prayer:

Topic: Totally Committed To The Pursuit Of The Kingdom!

Read: Matthew 13:44-46

The pursuit of the kingdom of heaven requires ultimate sacrifice!

 What do you believe the verses in Mathew 13:44-46 mean? How would you apply it to your life today?
 What changes do you believe you would have to make in relation to this scripture?
 Are you ready to make these changes/sacrifices in pursuit of the kingdom of heaven?
 If you want us to stand by you, pray for you or just to listen to the challenges you face in pursuit of the kingdom of heaven then the Life Group is the right place and the door is open to you!

The kingdom lifestyle!

 Read Romans 14:17
 How did we initially receive righteousness?
 Would you agree that we received righteousness through the blood of Jesus, through the grace and mercy shed for us making us clean?
 Would you agree that there is a second aspect to righteousness (right standing) which is a choice to walk in that grace and mercy (i.e. Living a life of righteousness)?
 What challenges do you face as you pursue living a righteous life? add on with; Have you got any practical advice to share with the group as to how to deal with these challenges?

The result of living a righteous life (a kingdom life) is receive peace!

 Read Isaiah 32:17
 What an awesome result!!
 How many of us could do with a little peace, quietness and assurance?
 As a consequence of righteousness we do not get a little – THE BIBLE PROMISES FOREVER!

We can then be in a position to choose JOY!

 Read Romans 14:17 again in closing.

Close in Prayer

Byron Donaldson
Guideline Co-ordinator

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