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Dear Leader

Please find below the Life Group Guideline for this week.

Life Group Guideline

Topic – Invited to Life

What do you love most about Winter? What is one of your favourite things to do in Winter?

Scripture Reading:
Acts 26:1-18

Opening Prayer:


Discussion points:

1. Reflect on Acts 26. Discuss the life of Paul and how his life changed when he met Jesus?

2. Jesus invites us to Eternal life. Read Romans 6:22-23 in the Message Bible. Check if there is anyone in the group with a radical conversion testimony and ask them to share what Jesus's invitation to Eternal life has meant to them?

3. Jesus invites us to a life free from the power and domination of sin. Read Romans 6:6 & 14. Share how we need the Lord to help us overcome when there is a specific area in our lives where we keep falling into the same sin. Also discuss the importance of Baptism as a key step in experiencing a life of victory from the power and domination of sin. The next Baptism at church is on the 21st of May. Encourage anyone in your group who hasn't been baptised to consider getting baptised.

4. Jesus invites us to a life of fellowship. We can have fellowship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. See if you can download the Song by Martin Smith titled Song of Solomon and play it for your group. Would be great if you can print out the lyrics of the words on a bookmark card and give each person one. Allow discussion around the song to flow as the Holy Spirit leads.

5. Jesus invites us to a life of rest for our souls. Read Matthew 11:28-29. Let this point usher in a time of ministry for those who are in need of the Lord's rest and strength and peace.

Prayer ministry

Close in prayer

Bruce Taylor

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