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Dear Leader,

Life Group Guideline

Theme – A Love for God's Word

Opening Prayer:


If you had 10 Billion Dollars, how would you use it to change the world?

#NT260 Check in:

Go round your group and give each person 1 minute to share something that they have learned about God, or something that the Lord has spoken to them about in their New Testament Bible readings over the past few days.



1. Read Psalm 119:1-16. The Psalmist writes on the Blessedness of God's Word. What stands out for you from these verses?

2. Read Hebrews 4:12. Discuss the following quote "God's powerful Word on the inside equals impact on the outside".

3. Read James 1:21-25. Mention to your group how God's Word shows us our true selves and gives us the opportunity to change.

• Ask them to share examples from their lives where the Word of God has challenged them to speak or behave differently, or to handle a situation in a different way.

• Ask group members to mention their primary role in life (besides being a Child of God). E.g. Husband, Wife, Mother, Father ... Then give group members 5-10 minutes to search for a verse from the Bible on how the Lord wants them to fulfil that specific role. Encourage them to use their phones to google verses if they don't have a concordance at the back of their Bibles.

4. Read John 16:13 and talk about how crucial the Holy Spirit is to discovering God's Word. Share about the importance of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and listening to His voice. Allow group members to comment on this.

Prayer ministry:

Prayer for those in need. You may also want to consider giving each person a small piece of paper on which to write their name and a prayer request. Then put all the requests into a container and let each person take one out. Ask them to commit to praying for that person for the whole week.


Bruce Taylor

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