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Hi Leader,

Please find the Life Group Guideline below for this week:

Opening Prayer:

We thank You our Father that we may dwell with You! We thank You for wanting us close to You!
It might be a real/good challenge to ask your people if they believe that they can actually draw close to the Lord.

Theme: Psalm 91

Please read the Psalm, also look at different translations.


Some Psalms stand out more than others, some are "favorites";
Some Psalms have been given names, eg. Ps 107 is the Traveler's Psalm, Ps 121 is the Reassuring Psalm etc;
Ps 91 has a tone of trust to it, of trusting in God, of strength and comfort. It is well known, well used and quoted.

1. Stay Positioned in the Secret Place and Keep your Trust Firmly in Him

What do you SAY of the Lord? Verse 2 "I will say of the Lord, HE IS MY REFUGE...."
You are the prophet of your life. Speak the truth, in faith.

All these promises are dependent on conditions:

1.1 To Dwell with Him.

This speaks of a relationship, of loving Him, to sit down, to remain, to settle, to abide with Him.
God does not favor a distant relationship with you, He wants you to be close.

1.2 To Affirm.

Affirm that He is your refuge. Cultivate closeness with Him.
See Acts 17:28, position yourself.
Ps 91:9-10: Because... verse 14 Because...
Keep on trusting Him, do not cast away your confidence in Him.

2. The Evils that God will Deliver us from as we Trust in Him.

The snare of the fowler: a trapper of birds; it signifies hidden dangers.
The pestilence: sicknesses, think of the plagues of Egypt.
The terror of the night: especially in South Africa. We don't need to live in fear.
The arrow that flies by day: allegations against you, any deadly force.
Verse 7 " A thousand may fall..." do we believe this? Do you?
Harm will/might come, but you will be protected.

3. We Enjoy Complete Security as we Trust in Him.

Everyone wants to feel secure.
Our security is not in our Government, money, medical aid, political party, assurance, your family, or even with your husband or wife.
Our only REAL security is in the Shadow of the Almighty God.
Ps 91:4 " ...His feathers, His wings.." Imagine the picture of the dove and her chicks, safely under her wings.
Imagine yourself so close to Him, safely under His protection. Amen!
After discussing these, encourage people to seek closeness with Him.


André Venter
On behalf of Bruce Taylor

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