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Dear Leader

Herewith the Life Group Guideline for this week. Please can I ask that all life groups use the guideline this week. If you are busy with another study please pause it, so that we can be in one accord as we consider the book of Acts and the early church.

Opening Prayer:

Remember Mercy (Brian Doerksen) https://youtu.be/9PzMRb2ELtM 
Miracles (Jesus Culture) https://youtu.be/hZixuP-JejA 

Scripture Reading:

Acts 2:42-47


It is Ascension Day on Thursday. Please read John 16:7, John 14:25 and 26 and Acts 1:1-11. Discuss the significance of Jesus returning to heaven and sending the Holy Spirit to us.

#NT260 Check in:

When was the last time you read the book of Acts? What do you love about the book of Acts?
Please will you encourage your Life Group members to join in with the Bible Reading program and not to miss out on the Book of Acts. Even if they have fallen behind or haven't participated as yet. Acts is a powerful testimony of the early church, and how we need to see the qualities of the early church evident in our own lives, our Church and our Life Groups.

Theme – The Early Church:

1. Qualities of the early church
The early church was characterised by:
- The Apostles teaching
- Fellowship
- Breaking of bread
- Prayer
- Miracles, signs and wonders (Also read Acts 2:22 in the NLT and discuss)
- People getting saved on a daily basis

Take a moment to discuss each of the above points. Imagine what it was like in those early days. Share testimonies and give thanks for the above things that are evident in your Life Group. Take time to confess about areas that you feel have been neglected in your Life Group or in the Church as a whole. Pray as a group and ask the Holy Spirit to help us become more and more like the early church.

2. Qualities of the first believers
- They were devoted
- They were filled with awe
- They cared for one another and gave to those in need
- They had sincere hearts
- They praised God

Encourage the group to think about the above list and to write the list down on a piece of paper (Have pens and paper available). Then ask them to spend time quietly and prayerfully asking the Lord to speak to them on each of these points. Encourage a time of sharing afterwards where they can share with the group what the Lord said to them about the above qualities in their own lives.

3. A miracle in the early church
If you have time read Acts 3:1-16 and discuss, otherwise go straight to the prayer ministry time.

Prayer ministry:

Break into groups of 3 and pray for each other in line with today's topic.


Bruce Taylor

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