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Dear Leader,

Blanket and Jacket Drive

We are having a blanket and jacket drive at our church. Please will you encourage your Life Group members to bring any unused blankets or jackets to church and place them in the Point of Care box in the foyer.

Life Group Count

If you didn't submit a Life Group count two weeks ago please will you send through the attendance numbers for this week's LG meeting to annette@chooselifechurch.com by Monday 12 June 2018. Two figures are needed. Actual attendance for the night and number of regular attendees.

Herewith the Life Group Guideline for this week.

Opening Prayer:

Worship suggestions:
What a beautiful name (Hillsong) https://youtu.be/nQWFzMvCfLE
Resurrection power (Chris Tomlin) https://youtu.be/AxH8Q8ue65o
God I look to you (Bethel) https://youtu.be/CR5IoWH9OiI

What do you think about when you hear the words problem, trials, suffering?

#NT260 Check in:

Read Romans 5:1-11. Ask each person to mention one line or verse that stands out for them from the text and why?

Theme – A Christian's response to Suffering

Scripture Reading
1 Peter 2:21-25 (NLT)

1. Causes of suffering

A Bible commentator wrote:
We may suffer for many reasons. Some suffering is a direct result of our own sins. Some suffering happens because of our foolish or unwise choices. Some suffering is a result of living in a fallen world. And some suffering comes as a result of doing good.

Discussion 1: Discuss the above comment as a group.

2. Responses to suffering

Jesus is our example on how to respond to suffering. The Bible says that we must Follow in His steps. 1 Peter 2:22-23 in the Living Bible reads as follows, "He never sinned, never told a lie, never answered back when insulted, when he suffered he did not threaten to get even; he left his case in the hands of God who always judges fairly."

Discussion 2: Discuss Jesus's response to suffering. Ask group members to share examples of where they have responded appropriately or inappropriately to a trial.

3. Living for righteousness

Verse 24 in the NKJV reads as follows, " Jesus bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, having died to sins, might live for righteousness"

Discussion 3: What does living for righteousness mean to you in your work or personal situation? Ask group members to answer the question by using an example from their own lives.

Read Romans 5:3-5 and conclude by commenting how suffering can help us develop righteous and godly character.

Prayer ministry:
Have a time of open prayer and encourage group members to pray in line with the message.


Bruce Taylor

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