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Dear Leader

Herewith the Life Group Guideline for this week:

Opening Prayer and Welcome.

Praise and Worship.

#NT 260 Check In:

Share on a few highlights found in the reading of the Bible this week.

Theme: How Jesus Managed Toxic Temptations and Precarious Predicaments.

The two swords of the Word: Logos and Rhema.
Logos is the entire Word of God as revealed in the Bible. Rhema is God speaking to us presently in our situation, it is Biblically correct and Spiritually accurate, producing abundant life.
Discuss the difference between these two swords.

Just like Jesus was led to the wilderness, God may lead you into the wilderness to talk to you. Have you ever been in a wilderness situation? What did you learn while being challenged?

1. The First Temptation: An attack on Jesus' ID. Matthew 4: 3-4.

His identity purpose was attacked, but He replied with: "It is written...."
He anchored His ID.
Know what God thinks about you, realize your worth, you were worth dying for.
The enemy knows your name but calls you by your sin. Jesus knows your sin but calls you by your name.

2. The Second Temptation: An attack on His Commitment. Matthew 4:5-7.

Jesus could quote Psalm 91, but He answered with a Rhema word again.
The question to ask is always: What did the Holy Spirit tell you to do?

3. The Third Temptation: He Challenged Jesus' Human Need for Significance and Adulation.

Jesus answered from Deuteronomy 6:13.

Let the Word speak to you before you speak a word; Jesus demonstrated this principle perfectly. He was being led by the Spirit, and showed excellent Swordmanship. He was moving from being led in the Spirit to the Power of the Spirit.

Discuss these points in the group and how it would be practical applicable in your life. Discuss the essential importance of being led by the Holy Spirit in all situations in order to fulfill His purposes in your life.

4. Minister and Pray for each other.

Pray for each other's needs, and also to be led by the Spirit. Read James 4:5 and thank Him that He, the Holy Spirit yearns to be welcome with you, the child of God!


Pastor André Venter on behalf of Bruce Taylor

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