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Life Group Guideline for the week.

Opening Prayer:


Are you a gardener? What do you love most about gardening?

#NT260 Check in:
We have just started the book of Hebrews in our #NT260 journey. Read Hebrews 1 together as a group and then let LG members share what stands out for them about Jesus. Take a moment to pray and glorify Jesus for who He is.

Theme – Four soils of the heart

Scripture Reading

Read Luke 8:4-15 (The parable of the sower)

1. God's Word as seed
The seed is the Word of God. All the things that God has revealed to us through His Word. This includes the gospel of salvation, the teachings of Jesus, and all the principles and promises in God's Word. We need to have a receptivity to everything in God's Word not just our favourite scriptures or topics.
Read 1 Peter 1:23-25

Jesus is the sower and He sows God's Word. There is a glorious end time harvest awaiting us. Jesus sows seeds through the preaching of the Word, the fivefold ministry, through every believer sharing the Word, and even through Christian media.

Discussion 1: How has the seed of God's Word influenced your life? Share an example of a Scripture or Promise from God's Word that provided you with guidance or helped you in a situation.

2. Three undesirable soils of the heart.
2.1 Wayside hearers
Read Luke 8:5 and 12
They hear the Word but it is stolen before it even enters their hearts.

2.2 Rock hearers
Read Luke 8:6 and 13
This person responds to the Word. They receive the Word with joy. But they believe only for a while and in times of difficulty or temptation they fall away. The tough times can be like rocks that prevent the seed of God's Word from producing a harvest.

2.3 Thorny ground hearers
Read Luke 8:7 and 14.
There is some growth but it is choked by thorns. Initially they hear and respond but then they get distracted by the cares of life, riches, and pleasure. They get so busy with life that they don't have time to spend in God's Word and with other believers. And the Word that is within them is choked. It doesn't produce the harvest that the Lord intended.
God's order for our lives is for us to seek first His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33)

Discussion 2: What stands out for you about the 3 undesirable soils of the heart?

3. The desirable soil of the heart: Good ground which is fertile soil
Read Luke 8:15 (Message)
Good hearts that seize the Word and hold on no matter what, until there is a harvest. We need to take hold of the Word of God and not be casual about it. Nurturing it in the fertile soil of our hearts until it produces a great harvest. We need to be receptive, to have a soft heart, to hear Gods message, cling to it, and steadily produce a harvest.

Discussion 3: The fertile soil results in a harvest 30, 60, or a 100 fold. What is your heart's desire regarding the impact of the Word of God in your life? What does this desire require from you?

4. A mixture of soil
Our lives can reflect different types of soil. A person can respond like good soil to a message like the Fathers love, but at the same time they can respond like thorny soil to a message like 'Don't be unequally yoked.'
Discussion 4: What messages from God's Word do you love hearing ... messages that fall on fertile soil in your heart? What messages challenge you and are difficult for you to obey ... messages that if you are honest are being robbed, blocked by rocks or choked out by thorns?

Closing Comment - There is never a problem with the seed. The variable is the soil. A person's response to God's Word impacts the level of the harvest.

Prayer ministry
Break into groups of 3 or 4 and pray for one another in line with the message.

Bruce Taylor

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