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Dear Leader

Herewith the Life Group Guideline for the week.

Opening Prayer:


We have just completed our #NT260 Bible reading plan. And how we thank the Lord for His Word and for the life changing effect it has on everyone who reads it. Take a moment to congratulate your LG members who have participated in #NT260 and give anyone a chance to share what it has meant to them.

Theme – Doers of the Word

James 1:19-27

James was the brother of Jesus. He was writing to Jewish believers who had been scattered abroad. James was known as a pillar, and as a peacemaker in the Church. He was eventually martyred for his faith.
James was influenced by the Sermon on the Mount and by the book of Proverbs. He wanted to challenge believers in how they lived.

1. Get rid of all filthiness and make room for the Word of God.

James 1:21
God is serious about us laying aside anything that is evil. We need to continue to be saying no to things that are filthy and yes to things that are pleasing to the Lord. Don't give up. Keep on fighting the good fight of faith.
God will reward us for doing what is right.
Galatians 6:9

Colossians 3:8-10 contains a list of some of the things we need to say no to: Anger, Wrath, Malice, Blasphemy, Filthy language, Lying.

Other common things that we need to resist: Negativity, Lust, Pornography, Greed, Drunkenness, Dishonesty.
These things need to be discarded like a badly stained T-shirt that needs to be thrown away. It can't be salvaged. If you want Gods truth to transform your life you need to reject everything that is filthy.
Story of Jethro who gave Moses some good advice. He told him to appoint rulers who hate dishonest gain.

Discussion 1: How do we develop a hatred for wickedness so that we can repent and turn away from anything that doesn't honour the Lord?

2. Above all be a doer of the Word.

James 1:22- 24 (NLT).
Purpose in your heart that if God's Word says it you are going to do it. The Bible must translate into action. Bible needs to influence our lives and changing our attitudes and our actions.

Theologian quote
To profess great love for God's Word or even to pose as a Bible student is a form of self-deception unless our increasing knowledge of the Word is producing increasing likeness to the Lord Jesus.

A mirror speaks to us. It tells us to brush, wash etc. The Word of God also speaks to us. It tells us to: Forgive others. Honour your parents, Seek the Kingdom of God first, Bridle your tongue, Care for others including orphans and widows, Keep the Lord's commandments. Keep yourself from being polluted by the world.

Discussion 2: Share testimonies of times where you have been a doer of God's Word. Where you have lived out a command, a teaching, an instruction from the Lord through His Word? What was the outcome?

3. The one who chooses to be a doer will be rewarded with a blessed life.
James 1:25 is a promise from the Lord. So is Psalm :1-3.

Discussion 3: Read the above Scriptures and discuss as a group!

Prayer Time:
Serve communion again. We need to consecrate our hearts in preparation to pray.
Break into groups of 3 and allocate prayer points from the handout to each group. Spend an extended time praying for our Country and for It's Time.


Bruce Taylor

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