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Dear Leader

Life Group Guideline for the week. I suggest you spend half the meeting reflecting on "IT'S TIME" and praying again over our Nation. Then the other half of the meeting discussing Sunday's sermon.

Opening Prayer:



Ask those who attended IT'S TIME to share briefly of their experience as they interceded for our nation on Saturday.

Read the following points in Angus's message

- God is calling you and I to become Creative Restorers. We are not going to break South Africa down, we are going to build South Africa up.
- God wants us to watch and pray over our Nation. Unless God tells you to leave this country you need to stay.
- We cannot persist in living a knowingly evil life; adultery, hatred, racialism, idolatry etc; and expect the Lord to hear our prayers, for He is a Holy God.
- Can a nation be born in a day? Isaiah 66:8 says it can.
- There is great power in prayer. After the prayer gathering in Bloemfontein so many things changed. The Government changed, the Rand strengthened even though the world economy trashed us, there was a bumper crop of maize in a potential drought year, the nuclear power station in CT which could have bankrupted our nation was set aside and declared unconstitutional, corruption was exposed and is still being exposed. And after the prayer gathering in CT it started to rain.
- We can believe in faith that God will do great things as a result of us gathering to pray.
- We must pray everywhere. Homes, Schools, Universities, Mines, Farms. And we must pray in Parliament.

Discussion 1:

Take some time to pray as a group. Let's press in and continue to pray for South Africa. Don't fall into the trap of "We've prayed on Saturday and that's it'. Ask people to prophecy and speak life over our Nation, it's leaders, and people.

Theme – The Gathering of the Church (Message by Pastor Mark Hodgetts)

The word Church means gathering. It is important to gather as believers.
Twelve things that should be evident as the Church gathers, whether on a Sunday or in a life group.
Take each point, share briefly and allow for discussion.

1. Adoration

It is all about Jesus. It's about worship, and giving Him the honour and praise that He is worthy of. Jesus must be the centre of it all.

2. Supplication

This is where we ask God for things. Prayer is a vital part of gathering as believers.

3. Harmonisation

Being in agreement, in unity with other believers. We need to deal with unforgiveness, bitterness, and strife.
Unity is not uniformity. God is a God of diversity. He has made each of us unique. But we need to be in harmony with one another.

4. Non-discrimination

God has called us out of every tribe and tongue and nation. We are called out of those things. What defines us should be that we are children of God and part of the Church of Jesus.

5. Consideration

We can't have a self-centred attitude when we come together. We need to consider and think about others.
Hebrews 10:24-25
In 1 Corinthians 11:33 we read how at the Communion meal they were exhorted to wait for one another.
When we gather as believers we need to focus on the Lord first, then on the needs of others. When we do this our own needs will be met too.

6. Giving and Sharing

We are encouraged in the Word to adopt a lifestyle of giving and sharing!
We need to bring our gifts to the storehouse.
1 Corinthians 16:2

7. Coordination
There needs to be order as we gather. The gifts should operate and leaders are needed to ensure that this takes place in a godly order.

8. Edification
When we gather we need to build others up and not break them down.
1 Corinthians 14:26
Acts 20:32

9. Exhortation
The gathering of the church should lead to encouragement. When you gather together find someone to encourage. Don't be in a hurry to leave church or life group. Talk to friends, pray for one another.
Sometimes the meeting after the meeting is as important as the meeting.
Hebrews 10:24-25

10. Manifestation
We should invite and embrace the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the services. It is vital for people to be encouraged to flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit!
When God gives you a gift, remember that you don't own it, it just flows through you. You are the vessel, the gift is actually intended for the recipient.

11. Proclamation
The proclamation of the Word prepares believers for proclaiming the Word in their workplaces and communities.
Acts 4:31

12. Evangelisation

It is important to give people an opportunity to receive Jesus, whether there is a response or not. Sometimes God works in ways that are deep in people's hearts. They may not raise their hands or come to the front, but they have made a decision for Him.
Discussion 2:
Ask LG members to mention which 2 of the above points are most significant to them and why.

Prayer ministry
Ask the group if there is anyone who needs ministry. Take time to pray and minister for them.


Bruce Taylor

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