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Theme: All of us WILL face challenges at some time in our lives and we can choose to ask “why” we face these challenges or we can choose to focus on the “how” to face them. The ‘why’ option tends to lead to frustration and the ‘how’ option leads to overcoming the challenge and ultimate victory!
Theme Scripture: Nehemiah 1
Ask the group the following series of questions allowing and/or facilitating a response to each one:
1.What is one challenge you are you facing during this season of your life?
2.Share with us your automatic (reflexive) response to challenges you face?
LG leaders note: Most of us have an automatic response to challenges faced and an example of this how some people just give up or lash out in anger.
Read Nehemiah 1: 1-11
1.What are the challenges Nehemiah faced that you identified in this scripture?
2.How would you identify his response to the challenges he faced?
Some other examples of reaction to challenges faced – read as a group:
John 11:32-36/Mark 14:32-36
Propose and/or emphasize the following with regards to HOW to face challenges:
1.Acknowledge the challenge you face i.e. “Face reality” no matter how it makes you feel. Nehemiah wept and even mourned (v4)
2.Let realization lead to a time of introspection (Run to God!!) – Fasting and prayer (v4)
3.Confess any sin and/or part you or any other party has played in the creation of the challenge faced (v6-7)
4.Go back to the original promises (vision) God has given you for direction (v8-9)
5.Submit yourself to God and His plan (v10-11)

Ministry Time: How can we as a LG carry you in prayer as you face challenges ? Read Galatians 6:2-5

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