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Theme: Last week we discussed keeping momentum but sometimes there are issues brewing underneath the surface close to us. Issues like disciplining a child or another example is taking on a successful staff member who at the same time is causing division in your business/department. In these examples we have two options – Confront or Cover Up. Both options have consequences!! Reality is that when we do not deal with underlying problems they come back and inevitably the problem is multiplied. Nehemiah gives us some insight into how we should deal with problems close to home.
Theme Scripture: Read Nehemiah 5:1-19
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.Tell about a situation where your saw a problem brewing that needed to be confronted but was just brushed aside. What was the result?
2.What strategies can we identify from Nehemiah 5 for confronting problems close to home?
  • Acknowledge the problem (v 1-5)
3.What are the justifications we tend to give as reasons for remaining silent and not confronting problems? And
4.Why is it especially important to acknowledge a problem even when we are tempted to remain silent?
  • Make the decision to confront (v 6-11). Also look at Galatians 6:1-2 and Ephesians 4:15
5.At times our fears to confront problems are unjustified and when we step forward it is like others were just waiting with receptive hearts for us to do so. Describe a situation where you stepped out where the outcome was most receptive and healing came?
  • Make things right. Restitution is often part of the process (v 11-13)
  • Set up an accountability base (v 12-13)
  • Explain the consequences of not doing the right action? (v13)
6.As part of the process Nehemiah does the above three actions. Why do you think each one is necessary and valuable?
  •  Live as an example (v 14-19)
7.How do you think Nehemiah’s lifestyle impacted on the message he gave to the people? And
8.We all have areas in our lives that need better alignment with “what we say” with “what we do”. Consider one such area you would like to work on and share with the group if you feel the liberty.
Encourage one another
We all have people who have encouraged us by their solid example of living out the faith with consistency and integrity. They are people we identify as walking the talk. Identify that person in your life and drop them a note or phone call of encouragement letting them know how God has used them to impact your life.
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