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Theme: Leaders are often placed on a pedestal…with a big target on the back and all through history we have seen leaders who have faced their share of criticism and even conspiracy. It seems to be part of the job description. Resilience and resolve in a leader is learnt to be the fuel required to cross the finish line.
Theme Scripture: Read Nehemiah 6:1-19
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.Name a famous leader whom you respect and a quality you appreciate in that person?
2.What kinds of criticism or attacks may have been faced by that leader?
3.Describe some of the attacks faced by Nehemiah and what strategies did he apply to avoid being lured into those traps?
  • The Conspiracy of Distraction (v 1-4)
4.What are some of the distractions (Not always bad things) that dominate our time, energy and focus and keep us from investing our lives in God’s plans and purposes?
5.Think of one distraction that takes away your focus and what can you do to avoid this distraction?
6.How can your fellow group members pray and keep you accountable to avoid this area of distraction?
  • The Conspiracy of False Accusation (v5-9)
7.What lesson can we learn from Nehemiah’s responses and how can we apply this to when others speak falsely about us?
8.How can we be aware that we are not trapped into falsely accusing others?
  • The Conspiracy of Deception (v10-19)
9.A wise follower of Christ learns to pay attention and be discerning and is careful not to live a life of suspicion and paranoia. Identify the conspiracy that was trying to destroy Nehemiah as a leader? How did he uncover it? And what do you learn from his example?
10. “Secret Communication” can become a poison in a church, Life Group, business etc. How can we avoid becoming part of a gossip or conspiracy pipeline in such instances?
Love one another
Nehemiah had lots of accusations thrown at him….they were all lies! We extend real love towards each other when we reserve judgement until we know for certain what the truth is. If what we have heard is indeed the truth lets commit to pray for the grace of Jesus to bring about repentance and restoration.
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