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Theme: We all have an idea of the picture of brokenness as it is an aspect of life that impacts us all at some time in our lives. It comes in many forms. For some it might come through financial turmoil, relationship breakdowns, and loss of a loved one or other crises. Sin causes the same brokenness as there is a breakdown of our most important relationship with our Heavenly Father. The Israelites experienced this brokenness and there is so much to learn about God’s abounding mercy in this instance.
Theme Scripture: Read Nehemiah 9:1-38
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.Describe a time you or someone close to you experienced brokenness of some kind?
2.What do you learn about the heart of God when reading Nehemiah 9?
3.Share how you experienced the very nature of the heart of God in your life as you identify with Nehemiah 9?
  • The Correct Attitude of Confession (v 1-4)
4.What happens when we change our perspective of sin as the breaking of a set of rules as opposed to that (sin) which causes a breakdown in relationship with Father God?
5.Does this change of perspective lead to an understanding of brokenness which drives us to a place of confession and deep desire to live our lives in relationship with Father God?
6.How has spiritual brokenness brought you to a place of personal confession and repentance that has led to a changed life?
  • The Context of Confession (v5-31)
The context of confession finds itself rooted in the heart of God. His faithful, gracious and compassionate heart for us.
7.Take a few minutes as a group, like the Israelites did to create a list of declarations of God’s character and goodness towards us as individuals and as a Life Group/Church.
8.By spending time meditating on the nature of God how does this bring you to a place of honest, consistent confession of sin?
  • The Steps of Confession (v32-38)
9.What life changing steps of confession can be identified in these verses?
ØAssume personal responsibility
ØAcknowledge Gods prerogative to judge our sin
ØAsk for Christ’s forgiveness
ØRest in the promise of God’s cleansing
10. How does it impact your life when you freely receive God’s grace and forgiveness?
Read also Jeremiah 31:34/Psalm 103:12-13/Isaiah 1:18/Ephesians 1:7-8
In Closing
Take a few minutes to pray as a group celebrating the amazing grace and forgiveness that Father God freely gives to all who come to him through faith in Jesus.




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