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Theme: Gated communities are something we are all familiar with in South Africa. As important the purpose that these gated communities serve they paint an illustration of what the church is not purposed for. We need to be very careful as a church not to become like a gated community but to remain a community of Christ followers with open arms and hearts.
Theme Scripture: Acts 2: 42-47; 4:32-35
Ask the LG the following questions:
1.What are some of the lifestyle gates you see among people in your community? (i.e. The focused pursuit of material things and once we have them we try our utmost to protect them)
2.As you review your life, past and present, describe a lifestyle gate that has been part of your life?
  • Devoted to each other versus devoted to self

Devoted: to apply to a certain pursuit or cause: to dedicate.

          Read Acts 2:42-49 and Acts 4: 32-35
3.What attitudes and actions marked the heartbeat of a Holy Spirit filled community?
-      If you were living in those times and were looking from the outside in how would you describe this ‘strange’ group of people?
4.Describe a time when you really did not feel like going to church, serving in an area of ministry, caring for others but you did out of sheer devotion to God and others?
-      What happened in your heart when you operated on devotion rather than feelings?
5.Name an area where you sense God is calling you to be more devoted to Him and His people?
-      Is there possibly a worldly devotion that you sense God is calling you to put aside?
  • Devoted to unity versus disunity
6.Based on the theme scripture what kind of unity do you think Christ longs for people to experience? Also read Ephesians 2:11-18
7.Without mentioning names mention an unresolved conflict you may have with someone in the following areas – in your family/workplace/social setting/church?
-      What do you need to do to seek healing in this relationship?
Ministry Time
How can we as your Life Group pray for you in your efforts to find restoration and reconciliation in this relationship?
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