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Theme: Gated communities are something we are all familiar with in South Africa. As important the purpose that these gated communities serve they paint an illustration of what the church is not purposed for. We need to be very careful as a church not to become like a gated community but to remain a community of Christ followers with open arms and hearts.
Theme Scripture: Acts 2: 42-47; 4:32-35
  • Devoted to sacrificial giving versus devoted to personal consumption
The ownership of material goods is not wrong or evil from a biblical perspective. God does however provide material goods not for selfish personal consumption but to help others who are in need.
          Read Acts 2:44-45/4: 32-35 and 1 John 3:16-18
1.How would you describe the spirit Jesus wants us to have towards those who are in need?
-      Where do you see this spirit alive and well in the church today?
2.What is one material thing you have in your life that you would classify as inciting unhealthy devotion in your life and potentially gets in the way of being generous towards others?
-      What is the one step you can take to lesson the grip of this material item?
  • Devoted also to those outside the community versus devoted to those inside the community
In the kingdom of God, gates are open wide!!Always!!
Read Acts 2:47/4:33
3.When the church functions as God intended what impact does it have on those outside the community of faith?
4.Give an example of how you have seen this in action?
-      Name one person outside the family of God that you are praying for and building a friendship with?
-      How can we as your LG pray for you and encourage you in this friendship?
Challenge: Discuss as a LG one material need you can commit to meeting over the next six months. It could be the support of bible college student or a missionary work. It could be provision for a family in the church. Commit to meeting this need in a very specific way rather than just giving money.
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