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Theme: In Matthew 26:33-35 we see the interaction of Jesus and Peter when Jesus declared His disciples would abandon Him. Peter boldly declared that He never would abandon Jesus – Shamefully, Peter denied Jesus three times.
Theme Scripture: Acts 3:1-4:4
1.Tell of a time when you had the opportunity to share your faith but were too timid. How did this make you feel?
-      Now describe the opposite. How did is feel when you seized an opportunity to talk about your faith?
If you are going to be a bold champion of the Gospel…You have to hang out with people who don’t know Jesus!
          Read Acts 3:1-10
2.Imagine you were the crippled man. How do you think he felt at these points of the encounter-
-      When Peter said ”Silver and gold I do not have”
-      When his legs were made strong.
-      When he walked into the temple for the first time.
3.Where are some of the places you go frequently where you rub shoulders with people who do not know Jesus? Is there a particular person who you have opportunity to interact with regularly who does not know Jesus?
If you are going to be a champion of the Gospel…Be ready to speak the truth with boldness and conviction.
          Read Acts 3:11-26
4.What are some of the truthful but tough things Peter said to those who were listening?
5.What are some of the truths of the Bible that we need to be always ready to speak about with clarity and conviction?
-      Why is it essential that we do not compromise on the message of salvation in Christ alone?
If you are going to be a bold champion of the Gospel…Be ready to face opposition
          Read Acts 4:1-4
6.Tell your group about a life situation where you are facing some opposition to the message of Christ?
-      How can your LG pray for and encourage you?
This was the last session in our series of building community and next week is the last LG meeting for the term. As a LG you may want to have a time of fellowship (a meal, a movie, a sports game etc) over the weekend or next week and Wednesday to close off the term. The challenge is to invite at least one person or family who are not saved to join you for this occasion. 
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