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Life Group Guideline
Your Invitation Could Change Their Lives!
We tend to underestimate the power of our personal invitation to others to join our Life Group. There are people out there whether family, friends, work colleagues, neighbors or members of the church who are just waiting to be given the opportunity to fellowship with others. They won’t necessarily invite themselves and unless we reach out to them they may never experience the wonderful interaction of believers in the Life Group.
If we open ourselves to being aware of the opportunities to invite others to our Life Group we will be amazed at how many opportunities actually present themselves.
Discuss the following:
  1. God knows the what, when, where and how of an effective invitation. Taking this statement into consideration how important is prayer in our invitation strategy and why?
  2. What should we do if our attempt to invite others is not always a ‘yes’ response?
  3. What comments can you make regarding the following three statements regards the victories required to win the battle to turn the heart of others toward Jesus?
  • Win them to you!
  • Win them to our Life Group or church!
  • Win them to Christ!
I would like to challenge you to prayerfully consider the opportunities you have to invite others to our Life Group. I would like to further challenge you to step out and invite at least three people this week coming to visit our Life Group.
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