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Life Group Guidelines!
The power of social gatherings for fellowship!
One amazing way to reach out to others not involved in a Life Group is to organise a social event. It will create a wonderful platform to extend an invitation to those who may not come to Life Group based on an invitation to a "regular" meeting. Social events also creates opportunity to practice real fellowship. The greek word for fellowship is koinonia which means to share together. Social gatherings also create opportunities for further discipleship. Many of Jesus's truths shared with the disciples were done at a social setting.
Some examples of this are:
At a wedding(John 2:1-10)
At a dinner party(Luke 5:29-32; 7:36-48)
On a boat ride(Luke 8:22-25)
At a holiday meal(Matthew 26:17-28)
On a walk(Luke 24:13-27)
Discuss the following:
  1. How have you experienced the power of social gatherings in bringing people together in deeper fellowship with one another?
  2. Share a testimony of how you have seen someone's life changed(maybe your own life) for Jesus as a result of a social gathering with other believers? What in that social gathering may have changed that persons heart?
  3. Lets discuss a date for a social event and what we shall do to specifically get to know one another better and to reach out to others?
With the weather getting better, events like the rugby world cup and the birthday party of Choose Life Church there is so many opportunities for social gatherings to increase the level of fellowship in the Life Group. I would like to encourage you as a Life Group to have at least one social event a term. Pencil in some of the ideas shared in todays Life Group meeting and keep them as possible ideas for the future!
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