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Dear Leader

It is hard to believe that this is the last Life Group meeting for the term.  Thank you for leading your group.  I do encourage you as a leader to take a break, even if your Life Group members want to continue through the holidays.  A time of rest and restoration is good for everyone.  You can encourage LG members to meet together socially, but ask someone else in the group to organise a social get-together if the group is keen. 

May the Lord minister to you and refresh you over the next two weeks.  Term 2 starts in the first week of April. 

Welcome and Opening Prayer

Why is Christianity described as having a relationship with God? What does this mean to you?


Theme – Shooting up a Prayer

Read Nehemiah 2:1-8

Highlight the value of spontaneous prayer.  In the Living Bible it says “With a quick prayer to the God of heaven.”  In the Message Bible it reads as follows, “Praying under my breath.” And in the Afrikaans Nuwe Vertaling Bible it says, “Ek het a skietgebed opgestuur na die God van die hemel.”

The goal of the Life Group meeting should be to encourage people to cultivate the habit of spontaneous prayer. 

  1. The fact that Nehemiah prayed at that moment.

Nehemiah prayed off the cuff, on the spur of the moment, it was an unplanned prayer.  He had just been asked a question by the king.  Protocol would expect that he answer immediately.  But Nehemiah prioritised a spontaneous prayer.  The king would not have noticed the pause, but the King of Heaven would have taken note of Nehemiah’s prayer. 

When the king asked Nehemiah what he wanted, Nehemiah again prayed quickly to the Lord before answering with his requests. 

Discussion 1: Ask LG members to share briefly about their jobs, and how spontaneous prayer could make a difference?

  1. The type of prayer that Nehemiah used.

Nehemiah prayed a quick, silent, spontaneous prayer.  A shooting prayer!  Our prayers don’t always have to be prayed out loud, and they don’t always have to be long.  A lot of prayer can happen in a short space of time in your mind. 

Spurgeon quote: ‘The prayers that come leaping out of the soul are truly spiritual prayers; and these are the prayers that God accepts.”

Discussion 2: Ask LG members to share testimonies of times where they prayed short shooting prayers that the Lord answered?

  1. Let’s develop the habit of spontaneous prayer.  It is an excellent way of praying.

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Praying without ceasing can feel burdensome for many people.  An impossible goal.  But if we develop the habit of praying short spontaneous prayers in all situations we can discover the joy of praying without ceasing.  This can bring great liberty to us regarding prayer. 

Discussion 3: Ask LG members to close their eyes and turn their thoughts towards the Lord.  Encourage them to tune their spiritual ears to His voice.  Ask them to ask the Lord to speak to them personally about prayer. Allow some time for them to just listen to the Lord and to write down what they sense He is teaching them about prayer.  Afterwards check if there is anyone who is willing to share what they sensed the Lord saying to them.

Prayer time
Pray for those in the group that have needs.  Also take some time to pray for the upcoming elections. 

Ask if there is anyone in the group who would like to arrange a social during the holiday.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing.  Perhaps just coordinating a coffee and cake visit at a coffee shop.

Kind regards

Bruce Taylor
Pastoral Support - Life Groups

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