Our ministries serve from the overflow of our vision and mission here at CHOOSE LIFE Church.
Helping people know Jesus through all areas of ministries.
Ministries are a great way for you to get connected into the family life of the church.
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Our seniors ministry is not just a ministry, but rather a community of believers with a heart to seek God’s face and influence the next generation. If you are over 65yrs of age, get connected into the ministry and even join our quarterly teas. For more information contact the church office or keep an eye out for upcoming events here.

Women of Destiny

A ministry for women of all ages. We long to bring women together as one; supporting, encouraging and praying for one another.
We aim to create an environment where women can find healing, restoration, renewed hope, and a sense of belonging. To encourage ladies of all ages to become everything that God has created them to be.
Why don’t you join us for this exciting journey?
For more information contact the church office or keep an eye out here for upcoming events

Mens Connect

The men’s ministry of CHOOSE LIFE Church. We are a band of brothers who support, encourage and uplift one another. We believe in being real and seeking God’s face for our lives and our families while keeping each other accountable. Leave no man behind! We have regular meetings, yearly camps and lots of coffee!

Point of Care

CHOOSE LIFE Church believes in being outward focused and impacting the community, regardless of where they stand. One of the ways is by helping those who need it the most through the generous donations of food, clothes, toiletries and more from our congregation and others that we are able to distribute to those in need


At CHOOSE LIFE Church, our slogan is “Helping people know Jesus”. Through the great commission, Jesus called us go out and make disciples. The Evangelism team does just that, we have regular outreaches into the streets, centers, homes and more; impacting the community. Reaching out as the hand of the church, being Christ to the people.
Keep a look out for more dates here. For more information don’t hesitate to contact the Church office.

Divorce Care

Are you going through a divorce, or even going through marriage difficulties that are leading to divorce? We present our Divorce Care ministry once a quarter that runs over a few weeks. Our hearts are to see people restored. For more information, contact us or keep an eye out for upcoming dates.


The Flow and Connect Prophetic Ministry at Choose Life Church is a ministry where we learn to connect with God’s heart in order to flow with His love and words to other’s around us.  Our focus is to practically learn how to hear God’s voice for ourselves first, and develop hearts that testify of the Spirit of Jesus.  We believe that the Spirit of Prophesy is the testimony of Jesus Christ and that we can learn to overflow from a place of being connected with our Abba Father’s love.  We meet on the second Thursday of the month, in the Baobab Hall at 18:30, Choose Life Church.  These meetings are for anyone interested.  Follow us on Social media under Flow and Connect Prophetic Ministry for announcements, updates and recaps of sessions. 

BUsiness Support

As a ministry of CHOOSE LIFE Church we envision to help business people conduct their finances and businesses God’s way. That they will dedicate ownership of their lives and businesses to God, while applying Biblical business and financial principles found in God’s Word. Walking in integrity and truth, accountable to God and others.
We have monthly meetings where we support and pray for business men and women as we impart the Word into their lives and businesses. Keep an eye out here for more info as events become available